All Items Loaded


All Items Loaded is an online magazine featuring interesting people, places and stuff. In search for the rare and new, while embracing tradition and craftsmanship, you'll get introduced to talented people you have to connect with. Places and inspiring destinations worldwide you can’t miss and stuff you want, but don’t really need.

On All Items Loaded you’ll find a series of interviews, editorials and reviews mixed with photography, typography and video, highlighting everyday culture and a creative lifestyle.

The Antwerp-based magazine is created by the duo behind the creative chitchat Coffeeklatch


Bart Kiggen, Photography & Art Direction
Magali Elali, Editorial 


If you’d like to collaborate, we should meet. We offer concepts, consulting to production and we are always looking for new partnerships and challenges.

If you’d like to advertise with us, we’d like to hear from you.