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Enjoy & destroy with Confettisystem

What they do, can be compared to offering: putting energy into transforming materials to create an object that will be destroyed.


What is perceived as reckless, is what makes it fun, according to Confettisystem. Confettisystem is Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, a NY-Based duo working as artists, stylist, designers and sculptors, for they think more spatially and imagine what kind of world their object would live in. Sculpting, using 3-D forms, they have created installations, jewelry and festive objects for fashion brands (Lanvin, J.Crew, United bamboo, Opening Ceremony,…), music bands (Beyoncé, Beach House and Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and party decorations for everyone from the American Ballet Theatre to Tavi Gevinson.


They made piñatas and garlands fashionable again and as far as we know they are they only design company providing it. Developing the perfect piñata takes a lot of practice, for it has to break properly. So instead of buying a bunch of piñatas and research them, they made what they wanted them to be. Andersen and Ho are primarily motivated by a desire to sculpt things with their hands. Ho grew up in New York taking tons of extracurricular art classes and soaking up inspiration from all the shelter magazines her father brought home from his job as a color corrector. She studied fine art at MICA, where she met the friend who would eventually introduce her to Andersen; he had been raised in Hawaii, his grandmother in charge of the original Jams factory.


On the duo talked about the idea behind their enterprise. Julie Ho said: “The idea generally is to play with the idea of celebration, and what objects can come out of that — to make it something new". For Nicholas Andersen, "this is all about memories of celebrations, and all of their textures and colors. Growing up in Hawaii was a very multicultural experience: Japanese, Chinese, and I’m Filippino. I was inspired by all of the objects that go along with those different rituals."
Text: Magali Elali

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