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Suntur’s universe illustrated

We don't know much about him, but we love the way he draws his own little universe.

The way Martin Margiela was perceived by the fashion industry – very talented, but a mystery - could easily be said about illustrator Suntur Yozanun. We know he’s from Thailand, see his characters and drawings on instagram and facebook. His selfies and self-portraits tell us he wears glasses and sports short hair. But other than that: Suntur doesn’t have a website and doesn’t answer his email.

 This said, just have a look at his impressive portfolio. His style is quite unique, yet very distinctive: naïve, detailed and playful, drawing people, animals, food, plants and objects. His illustrations can be found on scarfs (collab with Labyrinthism), T-shirts, debit cards, iPhone cases,…and lots of his work can now be purchased at his facebook shop.



Suntur, whoever and wherever you are: thanks for the eye candy.


Text: Magali Elali

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