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Less is more: The Lasso Shoe

Created by French designer Gaspard Tiné-Berès, which comes to life from nothing more than a shoelace and a single piece of natural wool felt.

Royal College of Art graduate Gaspard Tiné-Berès has created The Lasso Shoe. The construction process of this slipper is so simple, yet impressive, for it is made from a single piece of natural wool felt, its 3D form being created by complex 2D geometry of the pattern. The shape is die-cut from sheets of 5mm thick felt with minimal, simple and affordable tooling - making this product very suitable for small-scale local production.


Another bonus point is awarded by its very little environmental impact. The Lasso Shoe  has minimal production requirements and is shipped flat-packed to be assembled by the buyer, by ‘sewing’ the seams with the standard laces. “The act of self-assembling the slippers increases the sense of ownership and emotional connection with them and allows for personalisation through the choice of laces used,” Tiné-Berès says.

Text: Magali Elali

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