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Botanical Layers by Masha Reva & Syndicate of Kiev

is more than exotic colors and well-tended patterns on a fine quality sweater.



For Botanical Layers fashion designer Masha Reva teamed up with Syndicate of Kiev to create a sweater collection in which they mashed up a mix of botanical paraphernalia and printed the floral arrangements. The concept of Botanical Layers is that people who are living a contemporary lifestyle, are fully immersed in gadgets, but are always searching for nature. This idea manifests itself on the sweater in a layering effect. The grey checks of the base transparency layer in Photoshop reads on one of the sweaters while a floral layer filled with tropical leaves are shown above the transparent layer. The loading bar, printed on the back of the sweater brings the entire idea full circle.

The Botanical Layers is where nature and technology come together in a fashionable way. Amazing photos by Synchrodogs.


Text: Magali Elali


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