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Strolling down Ixelles / Brussels

If you like Art Déco, Art Nouveau and Modernism, make sure to stroll down Ixelles. 


Ixelles houses excellent examples of Belgian architecture. Great escape when you are into a wide variety of styles, but this serene and quiet alcove in busy Brussels also offers nice spots to shop, eat and drink. Hang around Place Brugmann for wineries, coffee bars and smaller boutiques filled with Belgian and French designers.


Maison Wolfers. Huis Wolfers. Alphonse Renardstraat 60. Architect: Henry Van de Velde, 1929


L'église Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation à Ixelles, Georges Brugmann. Architect Camille Damman, 1934


Rue Jean Chapelié 50. Modernism. Architect: Louis Lion, 1935


Maison de verre. Het glazen huis. Rue Jules Lejeune 69, 1931


Apartment block, Rue Jean-Baptiste Colyns 1, Modernism. Architect: Jean Florian Collin, 1935


Chaussée de Waterloo, Waterloosteenweg. Architect Léon David, 1913


Text: Magali Elali
Photos: Bart Kiggen

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