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Neo-gentleman by Harry & Tyler

When we think of contemporary fashion coming from Japan, we expect the extraordinary and nothing less.

With their first collection ‘Patchwork Gentleman’, the Japanese duo Harry and Tyler live up to our expectations by creating an absurd and funny look for the neo-gentleman. Harry and Tyler have released their first collection ‘Patchwork Gentlemen’ at select stockists throughout Japan. The collection consists of setup suits, ties and button down shirts made from vintage knits gathered from around the world - all handmade by patchwork process.

To add to the absurdity of their collection, the company only releases clothing in 2 sizes ‘Harry’ and ‘Tyler’  and their lookbook comes off as more of a performance art piece than anything else as founders and designers Harry and Tyler walked around New York, presenting and capturing themselves in all sorts of comical situations.

Their mission was to present a 'street runway show' during New York Fashion Week, so the creative duo walked around the city in their own collection, surprising people as they were followed, surrounded, photographed and interviewed by many.


Text: Magali Elali
Photos: Miyuki Hinton, Yoshiyuki Hayashi



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