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At home with Christophe Lemaire

Why stage a big spectacle, when there are other more subtle ways to make it work.

Fashion designer Christophe Lemaire is not looking to blow our mind each season. He’d rather methodically build a wardrobe or an ’alphabet of sartorial forms’ as he called it. Lemaire’s workwear is neat and relaxed, casual yet sophisticated and there’s a subtle beauty in his workaday utility. The idea of a seemingly effortless, easy French elegance that you can live your life in, was perfectly complemented by the setting of his presentation.



For his Spring Summer 2013 collection presentation he chose not to go for a typical fashion show with loud music and stunning models. He rather went for the setting of an artist’s studio - or was it a stylish apartment - that began as a tableau vivant with a model in gray-blue pajamas sitting on a bed in an artfully decorated condo. Going about her everyday business, she puts on high-heel shoes and a masculine coat and walks out. Another girl comes in the mise-en-scene and continues the little play while chilling out, reading a book, taking a nap, drinking a glass of water and having some tea. Models are looking like girls next-door, all sporting a precisely chic capsule wardrobe. "The problem with the fashion system is that it is always about the spectacular, it becomes about disguising the woman. I want my clothes to be about being yourself, being who you actually are," the designer said on Lemaire’s shows us that you don’t need ostentation to prove a point. A collection presentation should be about the clothes and in this case: we want the complete wardrobe and the stylish apartment to go with. 


Text: Magali Elali

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