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Phillip Toledano’s days with his father

Phillip Toledano believes that a photograph should be like an unfinished sentence.


If that’s the case, there’s nothing to add to his photo series ‘Days with my Father’. Or maybe there is, cause Toledano’s intimate confessions will leave few untouched.


Days with my father’ is inspiring and heart-wrenching, for it chronicles the struggle of a widower with memory loss, and the struggle of a son's transition from child to care-taker. Although very simple, the personal series captures a wide emotional spectrum from laughter, happiness to loss and absence,…


We met Toledano in Antwerp at Ingrid Deuss Gallery where he told us he didn’t expect anyone to care or to connect with it. “This project has been very useful to me. It made my dad’s death easier to bare. But accidentaly I am honoured and proud to get a chance to help other’s too. People often write me incredible things and it is really an incredible honor to touch so many people’s hearts.” When he put the series online, he received thousands of emails from all over the world, from grandparents, parents and teenagers. People who wanted to reconnect with their father after years of silence, kids who suddenly see their own parents or grandparents in a new light, and people whose parents died but never had a chance to say goodbye.


When we ask him if it is difficult to see these pictures of his father again, he answered the following: “ I don’t often look at these pictures, because they make me sad. I find it always hard to talk about it, even after all these years. But my father is still alive. He lives in my heart and in my memory. ‘Days with my father’ travels all around the world and it feels as if my dad is traveling along. He joins me everywhere I go and I think that is rather special.” Nothing to add to that.


Text: Magali Elali
Photos: Philip Toledano




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