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Home couture - The Soft World

Handmade, eco & animal friendly, craftsmanship, natural colors and no dyeing? Dutch Studio The Soft World claims it all.

We’ve got a soft spot for people who are able to combine innovation and tradition, by using traditional materials. Beatrice Waanders launched The Soft World in 2008, specializing in unique felt products for the home and interiors, including cushions, throws, poufs, carpets, and footstools. We’re particularly amazed by her custom pieces, which she calls ‘home couture’. We love it because it gives special and natural warmth to every home and environment and all products are handmade and therefore unique.


The Soft World is based in Rotterdam and is one-of-a-kind for its innovative concept of felting raw and un-dyed wool from special sheep breeds in combination of traditional luxurious materials such as angora, alpaca, cashmere, mohair and silk. Beatrice travels around The Netherlands to find her wool at hobby-farmers and old heritage sheep-flocks that keep alive the old forgotten sheep breads, often using rare European breeds like the English Wensleydale Longwool, Blue Faced Leicester, and Swedish Gotland Pels. Each breed has a variety in structure and colors range from white to grey to browns. The studio is animal and environmentally friendly, for it doesn’t use chemical products, but rather exploits the rich color palette of the animals themselves.



Mixing the wool from old forgotten European sheep breeds, with goats, alpaca’s and rabbits, all living in Holland and the concept of felting – the oldest manner of making fabric- is unique worldwide.

Words: Magali Elali
Photos: Aldwin van Krimpen, Tessa Francesca

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