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The perfect nest with Truck Furniture

If you're interested in Japanese lifestyle, furniture making, photography or even just family life, this is a publication for you.



Truck Furniture is an independently-run furniture store/label from Osaka, founded by designers Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu. What started out in 1997, has become quite a household name in Japan and the catalogues have a cult following in Tokyo.


We’re absolutely smitten by Trucks design ethos, which is to make furniture that they want for themselves, regardless of fashion or trend, with items taking on a simplistic but handcrafted style. The company takes great pride in using natural materials such as wood and leather, but they also mix in steel where it sees fit, overall creating furniture to be used for a long time.

Tokuhiko and Hiromi like doing things their way and through their Truck Works catalogues you get an interesting behind the scenes look and insight into the playful personality behind the products. Their books are filled with beautiful photography of their home and everyday scenarios they are involved in. We loved the first three catalogues, but the 4th book is definitely their biggest and most significant publication yet. With ‘Truck Nest: Under The Tree’ the duo takes the art of catalogue making a bit further.


Truck Nest: Under the Tree

The duo make things just the way the want and it’s this way of thinking they extended to creating this logbook, which is 400 pages long and features approximately 385 pictures and 21 stories. Truck Nest is a documentation of their 9 years in the making and evolves around the phrase ‘building a nest’.

We read about their trips to Australia, their pets, their daughter Hina, their old place and the search and difficult path to the new place, their nest, that they built from the ground up.

Truck Nest is about so much more than creating furniture. It’s about Tokuhiko and Hiromi’s way of life and the great care they take in making the most livable world for themselves. What you see is what you get. Very inspiring indeed!


Text: Magali Elali
Movie: Bart Kiggen


Available at neest


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