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Studio visit at Jewelry maker Leen Boden

You know that feeling when you see something for the first time, it gets stuck in your head. You see it again, and it turns out bigger and better?

I’m talking about the jewelry made by young Belgian designer Leen Boden. For someone who started out only 2 years ago, her small creations, made out of silver, gold, copper and alpaca, caught our attention. In a society that embraces technological innovation and young designers screaming for attention, it’s nice to come across a soft spoken and shy talented woman with only one distribution point, who embraces tradition and craftsmanship. With a voice as fragile as her accessories, we met up with Leen at her home where she holds a small scale practice.

Leen Boden (26 years old) is wearing silver bracelets from her latest collection and when pointing out they look like elegant handcuffs, she smiles by saying: “Everyone has their own interpretations of the jewelry I make. I love it. Same goes for the fact that when people buy one piece they come back for more.”


If you‘d like a piece of jewelry, you can order it through her website, for she doesn’t have a webshop or head down Rosier 41 where you might just bump into her. “I like to know who buys my jewelry. When some one has made a purchase, I’m always eager to know who he or she was.” Leens creations became more unisex when she got fascinated by geometrical shapes. “My work used to be more organic, but I decided to go for something new. Each collection consists of a few pieces, no more than 3 or 4. And although I don’t like to vary endlessly on one single idea, I launched a collection called Complements, for it complements other series I did in the past. Sometimes I just come up with an idea and try to explore it further. With the geometric series, I worked with a pattern that I was able to fold.”


When we ask her about her next project, she answers she only makes new stuff when she feels like it. “I’m working on a new collection, but I’m still looking for the right angle.” Leen Boden has her own little thing and does things at her own pace. Truly a relief to come across someone who isn’t bitten by the concept of commercialization.
Text: Magali Elali
Photo's: Bart Kiggen

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