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Masks by Studio Bertjan Pot

Pushing the boundaries in an attempt to make carpets.
 ‘Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.’ The truth and nothing but the truth according to Oscar Wilde. If you would leave it up to us, we would choose a mask that goes beyond concealing the face. We would opt for Studio Bertjan Pots creations, marked by bright colors and quite obviously handcrafted details.

“Although seemingly these masks tell stories, this again started out as a material experiment. I wanted to find out if by stitching a rope together I could make a large flat carpet. Instead of flat, the samples got curvy. When I was about to give up on the carpet, Vladi came up with the idea of shaping the rope into masks. The possibilities are endless, I’m meeting new faces every day.” Says Bertjan Pot who works with Vladi Rapaport and Marjolein Fase.

The Masks were initially the result of a materials experiment that started out in 2010, which has become an ongoing project. Today studio Bertjan Pot collaborates with furniture companies such as Mooi, Arco, Established & Sons and Goods and Moustache. That is if Bertjan is not busy with self initiated projects and pieces. 
Text: Magali Elali
Photos: Studio Bertjan Pot 

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