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Instant Carma

The Carma Project: a bicycle made from the scrap of a car. 



Can a bicycle make up for the kilometers a car has ran? With this question in mind Leo Burnett created a project called Carma, in which they turned the scraps of a car into a bicycle to rebalance karma by riding the same number of kilometers in a greener way.


For this project Rcicla Bicletas built a bicycle out of the scrap of a retired Mercedes, managing to recycle as many parts as possible; from the door handle to the rooftop upholstery, all the way to the engine sprocket and rear light reflectors. As they say themselves:“From a structural point of view, it was quite difficult. Building a bicycle exclusively with car parts is almost impossible. Although it took a lot of hard work, it was built the way we imagined it, almost entirely with the car parts, and what couldn't be built with them, has its personal touch.''


They did a pretty amazing job! The bike and its accessories made from the car’s upholstery look pretty amazing and besides creating a cool bike out of scrap, the project is about sharing. The bicycle is not to be sold, or borrowed or even donated; it has to be shared, so everyone can contribute to the 159.768 kilometers that need to be ridden. To monitor the Carma’s balance a satellite GPS tracking system has been installed.


The Carma bike will tour several cities in Portugal, so that everyone can contribute. In other words: ride it. 


text: Magali Elali

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