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Meeting Ed & Deanna Templeton

Photography, film, drawing, skateboarding and running a company. Why choose when you can do it all?


Ed is a professional skateboarder, videographer, entrepreneur and visual artist and his wife Deanna is a photographer. Ed & Deanne are what we call a ‘power couple’. They met in 1991 and have been inseparable ever since. I’m sure you know both of them, for Ed has documented their life togheter in their homebase California through various media. We met the creative duo at the Tim Van Laere Gallery at the opening of Eds solo exhibition ‘symptoms’.

Your work is about documenting and exposing even the most intimate moments in your life.
Are you still willing to share your personal life or has your attitude changed over the years?

My attitude has changed a little. As I get older I am aware that the only thing people seemed to see in my work is the sex part. It doesn't change the fact that I will still share those photos, but it makes me want to be more subtle with them. This show symptoms doesn't have anything overly personal in it. It is more an exploration of painting ideas that I had and documenting the place I live in.

You’re a skateboarder from Huntington Beach California. Quite of a stereotype, isn't it?
Have you ever felt the urge to leave it all behind and go and live somewhere else?

Yeah all the time! I live in and grew up in a place known for surfing and skating. I am a product of that environment. But I also hoped to be atypical in not running away from it to live in a big city. I realized that much of what made me and much of what fuels my artwork comes from this place. When I was young I hated it and I felt trapped. Now as an adult I love this place and I feel lucky to live here. Maybe because I get to travel!

I see you like taking pictures at the Pier. What’s so special about this location?

The pier is where everyone comes. There is so much open beach, but everyone comes here to the pier to shop and to be seen. So it's always filled with interesting people. Over time I realized that it was a great place to shoot photos. And so we started taking a break each day from work for a walk on the pier and of course to photograph everything in our path. We always have great weather here, so its very pleasant to walk along the beach or on the pier. We see dolphins and whales and all of the birds and the fishermen pulling up sharks and rays. Bikini girls walking everywhere. It's magical.

What’s your favorite camera?

I use primarily a Leica M6 camera with a 50mm lens. Some days I bring two cameras. I like shooting with the Fuji GF670 too. All film. The only digital I shoot is for instagram.

What do you look for when you shoot? Do you or Deanna have a specific love or fascination for objects/subjects?

We each have the things we are looking for. For me almost anything is worthy of a photo. I shoot a lot, then edit the images down for books or shows. People kissing, smoking, putting on make-up, carrying something, wearing a hat, dressing up, anything goes. Anything that illustrates the human existence.

How do you and Deanna collaborate? Do you have assigned roles?

She helps me and I help her when we are out shooting. I will block for her, create a screen - so to say - so she can shoot around me, or we will just talk with each other to cloak the fact we are shooting some people. We shoot the same environment, but we approach it differently. Sometimes we both go after the same thing, but normally we just shoot the things that interest us separately.


Next to being one of skateboarding’s biggest icons you have been an avid vegan for twenty years now,
while also promoting cruelty free business practices through your sponsors and your own company, Toy Machine.
I’m curious to know: do you have any pets at home?

We had a cat for 18 years and finally he died. It hurt Deanna so much that she cannot bring herself to get another cat or any pet. So we are pet free. It's much easier to travel without having to worry about your loved one back home.


Text: Magali Elali
Photos: Bart Kiggen

Symptoms - Tim Van Laere Gallery
March the 21st - May the 4th 


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