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Wearable constructions by Moxham

From jewellery to accessoires and apparel, Moxham shuns the generic in favour of oversized, constructed statement pieces.

Inspired by Egyptian mythology and what the local hardware has in stock, accessoire label Moxham cought our eye. No lucky charm bracelets and understatement pieces, London born and based Maddy Moxham likes it big, bold and chunky.


Having previously trained and worked in fashion for a variety of designers such as Felder Felder and Aquascutum, Maddy focused her attention on jewellery design. With a devote blogger and industry following, the brand is set to make it big. Moxham shares an unconventional aesthetic and that’s why we love it.

What made you decide to set up our own jewellery label?

My ultimate goal is for Moxham to be a lifestyle brand creating clothing, accessories, shoes & jewellery. The jewellery is just the start and part of a much bigger long term vision. I was keen to start up my own business as I knew I wanted to do my own thing when studying and working in fashion and thought why not?! I also like the variety each days brings and the different skills each task requires.

How do you manage to get so much press coverage. What makes Moxham so special?

Through seeking opportunity and being pro-active. It is helpful to live in a capital city (London) so that you can communicate and meet up with like minded individuals and try and spread the Moxham word. It has also been important from the start to try and generate and create interest internationally and not just in the UK. 

Which piece is your favorite ?

This depends on what day it is. I like the Anubis as this is one of our signature styles and we have offered it from the start.  I also love the Marlowe to wear with simple silhouettes or a black dress and the Otto cuffs for every day... as you can tell, I am indecisive. 

I read you design for yourself and I’ve seen you on several streetstyle blogs, like Grazia, Elle and Vogue always wearing your own creations. How important is personal branding to you?

Because the brand is so personal and the product I create is inspired by what I like and the branding, styling etc is what I love, the brand is a representation of me!! I think it is interesting to see behind the scenes, other brands / restaurants / exhibition I like as thisnhelps to explain the overall aesthetic. 

Where did the idea of creating your own apparel come from and most of all: what can we expect?

I have always wanted to do this but wanted to establish the direction of Moxham first. The clothing takes inspiration from the jewellery as it is mainly block colors with an oversized fit. The idea is for them to be worn together so there are simple necklines and lovely fabrics for our AW 13 debut collection to launch in May. 


Text: Magali Elali 

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