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Hong Yi gets creative with food

Don’t play with your food, unless you're an artist.


Yi, who often goes by the nickname Red, is a Malaysian artist/architect who started the project ’30 days of creativity with food’. The concept was simple: the image had to be comprised entirely of food and the only backdrop could be a white plate. With that in mind Yi set out to create small artworks, pushing herself to be creative with common (and occasionally not so common) food. Check out her grated carrot tiger and the giant squid attack made from squid and squid ink.

“My ‘creativity with food’ series has helped me push the limits of my creativity and has taught me to work within the confines of a very small area - my previous works range from 1 x 2 to 3 x 4 meters. I've learned to slice, dice, stir, boil...who would have thought I'd need that to do art!” Hong Yi on



If you like this series, you’ll love the rest of her work. Very impressive are her portraits of iconic Chinese personalities using ordinary materials, like the portrait of Zhang Yimou made with socks, Jay Chou with coffee cup stains and Yao Ming with a basketball.

We’re curious to see what’s next!


Text: Magali Elali


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