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Folding chair by Fukusawa for Maruni

Celebrating its 85th birthday this year the Japanese wooden furniture manufacturer Maruni has unveiled new beautiful addition to its Hiroshima series.

Very few people can turn something so mundane like a folding chair into something striking while still keeping its core simplicity intact. One of those people is influential designer Naoto Fukusawa who's behind the ‘Hiroshima’ Folding Chair for the Japanese furniture brand Maruni.


For the last 6 years and under the art direction of Fukasawa Maruni has been able to present a refined aesthetic sense and Japanese craftsmanship through a small series of wooden furniture. Some pieces are the perfect examples on how to inject a contemporary edge into traditional carpentry, like the ‘Hiroshima’ folding chair. These mundane but beautifully executed chairs have a smooth, matte surface and come in six finishes in either beech or oak wood, ideal for smaller homes.

Besides from the folding chair, the solid wood dining ‘Malta’ table is also on top of our list. This table features a surface of pure simplicity made from oil-coated solid oak, with thick round cylindrical pillar legs that offer stability and a solid appearance.


Or how about the 'Asian' bench composed of a combination of square logs and rectangular surfaces offering additional functions as a display table or shelf? Beautiful and timeless, don’t you think? bench.jpg?1369080480



All designs look so effortlessly simple, solid and elegant. f you're into Japanse furniture, you should read the book post on Truck Nest


Text: Magali Elali
Photos: yoneo kawabe 



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