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Clover Canyon goes Cuba

With a strong focus on jubilant engineered prints, Clover Canyon takes us on a joyful trip to the Caribbean.


In one word, the look of Clover Canyon is covetable. In each collecting the brand embarks on an endless voyage, from the tribal plains of Africa and the courts of ancient kings, through the annals of art history, and beyond. Designed and produced in Los Angeles, Clover Canyon reflects the eclectic, joyful spirit of California through vivid prints and streamlined silhouettes.


Cuba is the destination of the resort 2014 line-up with heavy hitting on Havana-themed motifs like classic Caddy cars, cigars, tropical fruit, jute, and vibrant mosaic tiles—stretching and wrapping the images for a figure-flattering result. I love when seeing a collection that makes me want every piece. Or shall I say every prints, for prints did most of the talking. The silhouettes were kept relatively simple, adding the occasional flamenco-inspired flounce to the sleeves or hemlines of day dresses. Bomber jackets and cropped sarong pants gave the collection sporty appeal, as did the stretchy neoprene used throughout, notably on a strapless A-line frock and what was perhaps the most memorable piece: a novelty sweatshirt featuring a hand-drawn portrait of eccentric cigar-roller Mavis Toussaint Fuentes puffing away. We want it all!

Text: Magali Elali 

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