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Our favorites seen at Antwerp Show 2013

Meet tomorrow’s tastemakers by reading our backstage report on the Antwerp Fashion Show.


With the legendary Antwerp Six being re-united as the jury of the graduation show of the Antwerp Fashion Department, we tend to forget what the show was really about: fashion students graduating.

The Antwerp Fashion Show is always an event worth looking forward to, to see which trends, colors, fabrics and textures we’ll see emerging at other fashion brands. Cause yes, these kids are tastemakers and visionaries. An educational environment leaves space for more creativity, although the trend of creating a ‘wearable’ collection was quite the norm for the new graduates. Most of these kids end up working at fashion houses and what a better way to apply for a job than to show a full prêt-à-porter collection, right?


This time the set is different, with the audience sitting on both sides of a lightning shape functioning as the catwalk. Overall the event was very entertaining and hands up for assembling such a mixed variety of models and international talent too. Fashion is certainly not dead, with 52 freshmen, 22 bachelor and 14 master students who made it to the final finish.


The graduates - highlights

Very dramatic and theatrical were Wim Bruynooghe’s creations. Sober and elegant silhouettes beneath, with finely painted and rubber coats on top and vinyl combined with soft mohair. His play with contrasts made his collection visually every interesting.


Same goes for Devon Halfnight LeFlufy, one of our favorite graduates. His men’s collection ‘True believer’ is amazing. Really don’t know where to start, for all of his silhouettes were absolutely fabulous! From the masks and painted jackets he made with artist Brian Kokoska, to the laser cut and python jackets. This is what Devon had to say about his collection: “(It) combines the celebrity worship and teenage sensuality of LA with Kokoska’s surreal world of harsh physicality and expressiveness, creating an onslaught of freshness which is an aesthetic as much as a mind state, as it elicits the intangible thrill of adolescent discovery.” W.A.N.T. that’s all we got to say to Devon. His collection is fresh, clean and right on trend.


South Korean designer Minju Kim takes trendiness to another level. Her clothes were cute, girly, young and all very wearable and covetable. Her eye for detail – look at the fabrics - is incredible and all silhouettes are ready to hit the streets. This observation will come to reality, for she recently won the H&M Design Award.


Insanely hot is Jungle Exxxotica by Ehssan Morshed Sefat. Really liked the turban made out of towels, the body-con dresses and the joy the collection reflected.


No pink, but corporate colors mixed with hard synthetic fabrics at Pierre Renaux who surely knew how to make his models look powerful and fierce. I have to say, pinstripes never looked this edgy. Totally over the edge were his 3D-printed sky high stiletto shoes.


No joy, rather connotations of war at Alice Dupraz-Toulouse. Her female warriors were dressed in stylish combat gear. We saw stunning jackets with cut-outs referring to military cargo nets and a new fresh interpretation of the camouflage print mixing khaki shades with pink.


More shoes with Mattia Van Severen who won the Sasha shoe award. His leather shoe/sneaker is very playful, referring to the title of his collection ‘Play Time’, featuring garments covered in angular patches of colourful flock. Very Jacques Tati inspired, creating a modernist collection with graphic influences. His graduation collection reflects the current academic mood: play safe and make incredible clothes that people actually would like to wear.
Jezabelle Cormio — The Continental
Lise Eerens — Rhinestone Cowboy
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Mixtape inspired by walking around backstage

Text: Magali Elali
Photography: Bart Kiggen 

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