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All about Berlin: inspiring places

While costs of living are still low, creative ideas are more likely to flourish in Berlin, from living room concerts to urban gardening.


When I first moved here, I thought that Berlin wasn't a beautiful city. The streets were full of kebab shops and kiosks and the smell of fuel was in the air. But the longer I live here, the more often I get inspired by this city. And I'm not the only one. People from all around the world come to live here – and take over the places of the city: If this is a former public toilet turned into a burger joint, a swimming hall into a night club or a bus into a restaurant - Berlin has always been about change. Today, both the people and the places are what make this city the creative hub it is. While costs of living are still low, creative ideas are more likely to flourish in this encouraging environment. The aspiring atmosphere ranges from living room concerts and pop-up bakeries to street food feasts and urban gardening. building.jpg?1373483103


Tempelhofer Feld

While taking a stroll through the streets of Berlin, there is inspiration to find in every corner of the city. On a trip to Tempelhofer Feld, one can breathe both history and hype. As a former airport area, people nowadays ride their bicycles on the runways or engage themselves in urban gardening. While sitting down on the grass of the former airfield it is both the largest green area right in the middle of the city. The fresh air makes the thoughts wander to the horizon of the wide view and after watching some children challenging each other for a race on the runway, one comes to the conclusion that a place like this couldn't be anywhere else than in Berlin. plane.jpg?1373483115 urban gardening detail.jpg?1373483133


At the same time there are meeting places like Mauerpark. Even from far away, one can hear people clapping, screaming and laughing. These sounds of joy will guide you the way to the amphitheater in Mauerpark. Every Sunday it is time for some karaoke in the sun. No matter which country or culture you're from, almost everybody can sing along to the songs. When people crowd the circles of the theater, there is no place for worries other than which song comes next. karaoke.jpg?1373483089 


Due to the fact that nothing stays the same, there are still a lot of inspiring places that deserve to be discovered. And for now, the fact that I can cure my chocolate cravings still late at night and the traffic noise having a somewhat soothing effect on me, I can't think of any other city to live in. Berlin may not be a beautiful city, but it is beautiful to live here.



Text & Photography:
Jessica Jungbauer 



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