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The Balletcats by Jordan Marzuki

Feline friends, did you know there’s a T-shirt company that professes an undying allegiance to the cat species?


There’s nothing wrong being called a crazy cat lady. Especially not when sporting gear that glorifies blood, cats and bad grammar. Feline friends go crazy over the T-shirt company  called The Balletcats. Found in 2008 by Indonesian based designer and illustrator Jordan Marzuki and named after that simple fact his cat had an unusual ballet pose every time he was asleep, the label is on top of our cat fashion radar.

The latest Balletcats collection ‘Tome no. 1’ is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. On our wishlist are ‘The Entire Cat Population is My Best friend' or ‘If You Hurt Cats You Shoot In The Head’ sweatshirts. Lovely infamous products for cat enthusiasts. Want, want want it all. 


Text: Magali Elali
Photography: The Balletcats

Visit to shop the entire collection.

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