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The Monocle Guide to Better Living

Monocle magazine launched their first-ever book by looking at one of their core themes: how to live well.



London based Monocle magazine, founded by Tyler Brûlé hit kiosks and bookshops in 2007. Usually we like a good niche read, but it's the magazine's universal take on topics as diverse as urbanism, transport, manufacturing and retail that we appreciate the most. Monocle focuses on quality and culture and it highlights the best in food, drink, business and travel. Its target audience is male and you can sense that throughout the whole magazine. What do men like? What do they like to wear,... It's fuelled with 'What if and did you know', the kind of stuff men like to address in intelligent conversation. But make no mistake: Monocle is made for you and me, people who are interested in everything and like to know what's going on around the globe. So when we read they were launching their first book, we were very anxious to get our hands on it.


The city life

Better living starts in the place you choose to call home and, for the majority of the world that is now a city. 'The Monocle Guide to Better Living' explores many metropolises and tries to point out why some work and others flounder. What are the ingredients for building a city that delivers quality of life to its citizens? And, how do you get those important urban balances right?


The book is interesting on so many levels and reads like an informative and entertaining collection of writing and recommendations from across the globe, surveying locations, products and ideas to create the ultimate reference for inspirational ways to improve your life. Monocle's team has done the math and the result is dazzling.


The whole vibe is very optimistic and goes from the macro-level – from how to build a city - to the micro-level - to the stuff that is on your house. And although Monocle likes to dwell on business, it also discusses the opposite of work. The book gives excellent travel advice! 


Next time we’re in Paris we’ll make sure to visit the shop Centre Commercial.


The book made us curious to set foot in Beirut.
It’s got a vibe similar to Istanbul, but more animated and less organized.


After its 10-year-long renovation,
The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is back in business and definitely worth the visit.


Can’t wait to hit those saltwater pools in Sydney.


To escape the city life renting a cabin in Sweden sounds like a good idea.


Rio de Janeiro is on top of my list.
With over 2,000 hours of sunshine and the world’s largest urban rainforest,
Rio tends to do wonders for endorphin levels. 


Better living starts with dreaming, right?

‘The Monocle Guide to Better Living’, Format: 20 x 26.5 cm
Features: 400 pages, full colour, hardcover

Text: Magali Elali
Movie: Bart Kiggen
Music: Marina & The Diamonds - Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)

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