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The trend of travel magazines

In a world where we could just browse through instagram for the latest travel inspiration, more and more print publications pop up about travelling.

Whenever we plan a journey, there is this feeling to it full of joy, accompanied with the anticipation which memories we will make and bring back home with us. Sitting in our living room and searching through all the places we'd like to live if only for a moment, when travelling, we find ourselves with a list full of things not only to do, but to explore and experience. - special places.JPG?1381078996


With the internet and especially instagram being only one photo away from all the places captured by not only photographers, but people like you and me, there is also the trend of new travel magazines. Establishing a world of words and photography, each of the following focuses on another angle to get you inspired to wander around and explore the world. - the curiosity for special spaces and places.JPG?1381079003


A printed world between pages


Kinfolk inhabits the spirit of community and the simple things in life- spending time together and thus, travelling. Either back in time on the table through a recipe of former times, or through the eyes of a good friend - on a road trip or a trip to the coffee shop around the corner, travelling is all about being together.



Cereal celebrates the curiosity in each one of us - combining food and travel topics, the publication from England discovers our daily life in in depth articles about the origin of salt and pepper or a one-room hotel in Copenhagen. At the farmer's market, we can travel to as many countries as when reading a book. Thus, the chapters in Cereal each explore one city at a time through articles of written and photographed captures that create our inner child.


Boat takes its readers from issue to issue, from place to place. Founded in London, the magazine focuses on one city per issue where one can dive into the pages full of different perspectives. Through portraits of inspiring people and their point of views, Boat magazine is a place in itself, where one can go to and get inspired again.


Like Boat magazine We are here focuses on one city per issue. What stands out are the photographs taken with a smartphone, combining the trend of iphoneography and inspiration through social media in a publication dedicated to places as well as paper.


Wherever wants to capture travelling in a literary way: 'Letters from a place without mailboxes' or 'Smileless in New York City' are only some of the essays that enable another way of seeing the places we thought we already knew.


Travel Almanac, based between Berlin and New York, dedicates each issue to an inspiring traveller. Today, where the world gets closer, thus creatives get inspired by their ever-expanding surroundings, exploring the world through the eyes of filmmakers, painters and photographers is how the places of this world are presented in the Travel Almanac. - gathering with friends 2.JPG?1381079011 - seeing your surroundings.JPG?1381079018


Being printed on thick paper, these travel publications pop up in a world where we spend most of our time in front of a screen. It's a celebration of our surroundings, the curiosity to see the world, instead of crossing places to see off that list. Still today, people buy print, and when they do so, it would be at the airport or train station to have something in their hands to read - whether it's on the way to another city or country. Or with no other destination than your own couch, getting inspired about the world out there.



Text & Photography:
Jessica Jungbauer 


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