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The Flamingo by Cees Braakman

For the love of designer chairs.


We've got to admit, we have an obsession. Our jobs take us to stunning homes and wherever we go, we see them. They're wonderful to look at, great to perform research on and some of them even take their initial purpose into practice. We’re talking about designer chairs. They are well-sought objects and therefore we tend to forget to put them to the test, especially when they are made of material such as steel. Our latest obsession is the Flamingo rocking chair by Cees Braakman.


One of the first chairs to be entirely fabricated from steel wire was the SM05, created by Dutch designer Cees Braakman for Pastoe in 1958. Braakman was one of the most influential designers of the Netherlands and it was he who said "For me, the challenge lies in finding ways to fuse technical perfection with aesthetic form.”


Some might know the Skater, but very few will know the Flamingo rocking chair. Its base is made of black and white enameled iron wire and the vats are coated with rubber.It's surprisingly light and comfortable and we love he fact that transparent pieces such as this one, do fit in everywhere.

We were fortunate enough to have found the Flamingo through the internet and we're very eager to share its beauty with you.

Text: Magali Elali
Photography: Bart Kiggen

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