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Geology of shoes by Barbora Veselà

Veselá has layered-up leftover scraps of leather to create striations based on rock formations on the surface of these shoes.

Barbora Veselá looked to the patterns of eroded sedimentary rocks at the Prokopské údolí nature reserve in the Czech Republic when creating her Geology of Shoes footwear. "The project takes inspiration from sediment layers and from effects of erosive processes in nature as well as from traditional shoe making techniques," said Veselá.

By overlapping spare strips of leather suede-side-up around a traditional last, she built up the shape of the shoes piece by piece. She then sanded down the scraps to create the final forms and reveal the rippled layers. As the odds and ends of material are always different shapes, each shoe is unique.The colours of the stripes were influenced by shaded contours found on old geological maps.


The footwear formed Veselá's final project at Cordwainers College, part of the London College of Fashion.
Check out the video she made with Petr Krejčí. 


Film and photography: Petr Krejčí

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