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Best addresses in Paris - Marion Berrin

We went to Paris and explored the city through the eyes of a creative local. Meet French photographer Marion Berrin. 


Remember our trip to Paris? Instead of visiting travel blogs and curating a top 10 list of must-sees and must-do’s, we asked ourselves: what is the best way to experience the best a city has to offer? Getting to know it through the eyes of a local. We had a lovely chat over coffee with Marion Berrin about cameras, interesting people and listed her favourite spots in Paris.


Marion, where do you work?

I work for Slash magazine, it’s a Paris based online cultural agenda. I’ve been working there for five months. I would love to write, but I’m not doing that yet. I’m responsible for special projects, which means I’m spending my days talking to potential financers and going to amazing galleries. It’s great!

You spend a lot of time being on the road, does that mean that a cool coffee bar like Télescope has become your office? 

Not exactly. There’s eight to ten people working at Slash magazine. They don’t have a big office space, so people go elsewhere to work. My apartment is tiny and working in my kitchen is not an option. That’s why I’m renting an outdoor office space that I’m sharing with someone else. 

You’re not a native Parisienne, are you? How did you end up in Paris? 

I’m from the South of France, from Marseille. I had a job there, but honestly, my life was so boring that I decided I wanted to study at the Louvre in Paris. I applied, got in and decided to stay. I worked as a photographer’s assistant for a while and got introduced to people whose work I really admired. Now I’m working for Slash magazine and I’m really happy with how things turned out.


What’s the story behind your camera? It looks really vintage, especially the lens cap. 

The camera belonged to my dad. He gave it to me seven years ago, when I wasn’t interested in photography at all. But I love Georgette and love taking here everywhere. Yes, my camera has a name. I was tired of referring to it as my ‘camera’. First I had George, but when it crashed, I got Georgette. It’s a new body, but I’m still using the old lens my dad gave me with the old football world cup logo. Boys love it. 




Obviously Télescope is your favourite coffee spot. What are your other treasured hangouts?

Favourite shop: You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I don’t shop in Paris. 

Favourite magazine store: OFR. You have to go there. They have everything, from amazing magazines to rare books. There’s a big store at the front, but make sure to follow the small corridor that leads to the back. There’s always a small exhibition going on. 

Favourite restaurant: Aux Deux Amis. It’s a really small French restaurant, done in the Sixties. The food is amazing. They are quite busy every night. Lunch is a good option though. 

Favourite neighbourhood:Canal Saint Martin. I don’t go there often. But when I do, it’s great.

Favourite park: Jardin du Palais Royal. It’s really small, but lovely.

Favourite museum: Palais de Tokyo. The place is enormous. You can enjoy multiple exhibitions at the same time and it’s open until late. Next to the Palais you have the Museum of Modern Art. It’s also enjoyable to look at the skaters outside. 

Favourite bar: There’s this place called Le Tiki Lounge. It’s like the kind of exotic cocktail place you’ll find in the US, fifties vibe with Hawaiian music. I love it.

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