All Items Loaded

Landet Järna in Stockholm

If All Items Loaded were a shop, it would want to be just like Landet Järna in Hornstull neighborhood of Stockholm.ärna_blog1.jpg?1396474398


With vintage botanical prints and pressed flowers arranged into framed artworks, dried bunches hanging from the ceiling, giant roots, ferns and other specimen growing in vintage lab glass Landet Järna is no ordinary flower shop. Owned by siblings Maria Horn and Johanna Uggla, the shop specializes strictly in wildflowers and plants sourced from the forests outside of Stockholm.


The Uggla sisters opened the shop in response to the lack of local, seasonal, pesticide-free, and fair trade flowers. By collecting specimens and displaying them in the shop, Landet Järna is supplying the locals with local flora. Plus the shop works with a single supplier based in Järna, just south of Stockholm, that has been growing organic plants after Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic methods since the 1960s—long before biodynamic agriculture was big.ärna_blog6.jpg?1396474432


So is it a flower shop? Yes it is. It is a locally-produced, organic flower market, but the store is also connected with a restaurant called Linje Tio and a bar next door. Through the open space you can enjoy the flower arrangements on the restaurant's tables, and on weekends you can sit by the marble bar in the flower shop sipping exclusive cocktails from the mixologists at Linje Tio. If they sell and serve it, it’s on our wish list.ärna_blog8.jpg?1396474444


Adress: Hornsbruksgatan 24, Hornstull, Stockholm

Interior Photography: Mikael Axelsson



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