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Fictional couple living in Vitrahaus by StudioIlse

Studioilse takes storytelling for Vitra and Artek to the next level by creating a very stylish apartment, lived in by fictional creatives in the loft of the VitraHaus.


One could say a lot about voyeurism. Is it a basic human instinct to be curious or to be nosy? Are these all shades of the same instinct? It’s definitely something that plays into what we do whilst performing our creative chitchat on Coffeeklatch. Curiosity is human nature. We like to have a sneak peek into one’s intimate universe. But what is it with creatives and their homes? Why do we always assume their home is more out of the ordinary than the homes of normal people? Homes usually unveil the personality of its inhabitants and when the inhabitant is creative, we expect the extraordinary!


Fictional lifestyle

Brands seem to absorb this trend, with only a few able to turn this basic human instinct into a commercial hit. We’re quite intrigued by the collaboration between Studioilse, Vitra and Artek, in which the VitraHaus is turned into the home/joint studio of a fictional couple. Fictional characters Harri (musician) and Astrid (set designer) represent the shared values of Artek and Vitra, two contemporary design brands that joined forces last autumn. Ilse Crawford of Studioilse curated the design of the loft, atop VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein, not only to celebrate Vitra's recent acquisition of Artek - founded by Aalto - but to portray the collections as they are in life, not as artworks behind glass.

The loft of Harri and Astrid in Germany, is the perfect fusion of their Finnish and German heritage: easy, understated and practical. They've blended their passions harmoniously, building a space for work, rest and entertaining that is full of light and life.


Creative home

Hands up for Crawford for bringing Vitra and Artek to life in an amazing loft installation. The domestic tableaux are truly out of the ordinary! Alongside items from the back catalogues, the loft is filled with personal items that communicate the couple's creative lifestyle. Love the fact that the loft is loosely divided into a studio and a living area, which is anchored by a long dining table that could serve multiple purposes with an assortment of chairs collected over the years. If you look closely you’ll notice a history of the Vitra and Artek collections is arranged among books and objects. Have you ever seen a corkboard look this good? To be frank, we wouldn’t mind swapping houses with Harri and Astrid.


The loft will be open to the public all year, as an extension of the Vitra campus

Photography: Felix Odell

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