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Random Studio in Amsterdam

Playfully blurring the lines among perform and leisure, Random studio's new office is quite extraordinary.

Random Studio in Amsterdam is an inventive studio and technological innovation workshop created up of designers, programmers, animators and artists. For the past 8 years, the team has been based out of their Managing Director’s old apartment. After taking on new staff, it became obvious they needed a new space. The new location was chosen, measuring 475m² of space.

X+L to the rescue

Random Studio enlisted the help of architecture firm X+L to design and style the new studio. It was important for the space to remain visually beautiful, without feeling too ‘designed’.The design team created a simple space that feels open and intimate all at the same time. An informal in-residence café, cafeteria where lunch is cooked and served daily and a lounge area have been a essential element in the design and style, taking the workplace away from anything typical and blurring the lines among perform and leisure.


Lower ceilings and split amounts make for ‘clusters’ of intimate spaces, as do indoor plants, ‘pockets’ of mini gardens and huge textile bags hanging from the ceiling filled with greenery. The mirrors, high ceilings and skylights make the most of the natural light.


We are fond of the feeling of calmness created by the abundance of plants and truly amazing is the engagement between different materials with mirrored walls sitting atop the textural warmth of plywood and mint green flooring. In all, the workplace is extremely inspiring and we can only picture it eases the discomfort of lengthy days that all inventive studios are familiar with.

Photography: Kasia Gatkowska

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