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Wonderful houseplant: Elephant ear

If you’re looking for an impressive houseplant, make room for the dazzling tropical beauty of elephant’s ear.


No need to tell you we love the idea of a house filled with greenery. Alongside the Chinese Moneyplant, the alocasia is definitely one of our favorite plants. This plant is aptly named Elephant Eras because its green leaves grow extremely large, large enough they they actually resemble an elephant’s ear. Originating in tropical and sub-tropical areas, the elephant ear can grow two meters tall and is keen on sunshine, heat, and high humidity. This plant is particularly easy to grow in sun or shade.

How to Grow it indoors


Despite their gargantuan size, elephant ears are fairly simple to care for; however, you must choose a planting location carefully, as they are much more difficult to transplant than most comparable plants. During summer season, I prefer to grow it outside in the shade. When using it as an indoor plant, you want to place it in indirect sunlight. Install it within a few feet of a window, using a curtain as a shield. 

The plant wants its soil moist at all times, so frequent watering is necessary. Mist the leaves a few times a week to keep it hydrated. Furthermore it doesn't care when it's pruned, so you can tame it in any season and if it starts to lean, tie it to a wooden stake with yarn to keep it upright. 

Happy planting!


Text: Magali Elali
Photography: Bart Kiggen


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