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Hoeken: corners never looked so good

Doorzon mixed and matched materials to create a family of geometrical objects that will inhabit the often neglected corners of a room. tetraëder en pijl.jpg?1422135591


Tetrahedron, Pacman, Arrow, Bow and Christmas tree offer us a fresh perspective when it comes to the use of our corners. Doorzon’s furniture collection will either nestle into a corner or wrap around it. The Hoeken family has a subtle presence, hovering between functionality on one hand and an object-like character on the other. They make the corners highly functional but the minimalist design and subtle materials also make them blend into the space they occupy. EMme pacman keuken.jpg?1422135564


The Doorzon duo is already known for their fresh and lively architectural work but we were eager to find out more about their first furniture collection. For Hoeken the Doorzon partners Stefanie Everaert and Caroline Lateur, collaborated closely with Gallery Emely and the stone craftsmen at Van Den Weghe. We talked with Caroline about their inspirations for this new project, the design process and their plans for the future. 


Where did the idea to design Hoeken come from? 

We are interior architects so we are used to work within the context of a certain space. When Gallery Emely asked us to design a few pieces of furniture we chose to focus on objects that need the space they are in to exist. It was interesting to explore how an object relates to the space surrounding it when this space is not one particular place, this approach was also a starting point that gave us a certain foundation since making individual pieces of furniture was still uncharted territory for us. When designing these objects we were looking for a balance between the functionality that is particular to furniture and the visual character that we had in mind for these pieces. em close up.jpg?1422135584 EMme pacman detail-2.jpg?1422135545


How did you decide on the materials for each object? 

We chose to materialize each of the objects in a particular way depending on how we wanted them to relate to the surroundings. Essentially it is a playful collection that likes to interact with the space through its shape and material. For instance Pacman has a completely reflective surface, it is a simple object but thanks to its material it has a high level of interaction with the environment while also delicately blending in. The Tetrahedron on the other hand is a more robust piece of furniture but it also explores the relation with the space and has an element of surprise, opening or closing the lid reveals other materials and shapes and changes the perspective. EMme pijl tegels crop.jpg?1422135573 

Do you feel there is a link with your architectural work as well?

Although the starting point was different, we approached the design of these pieces in a way that is very similar to the process we go through when working on an architectural project. Regarding the materials we also definitely used the experience we gained in our day-to-day practice as interior architects. Granite for instance is interesting to work with and we like to use it in our interior designs as well. We feel it is a material that has a lot of potential but has gotten a bit neglected over time. It has an endless variation of colors and patterns and very importantly the core of the material is the same as the surfaces, which makes it a perfect choice for Hoeken since you always see the side of the material in these designs. 


Do you have plans to expand the collection or maybe design other objects in the future?

It was interesting for us to design our first collection, we are pleased with the result and also got a lot of positive response when we showcased it earlier this year. Hoeken definitely kick started something for us when it comes to designing objects. At the moment we are very busy with our architectural practice so it is challenging to find the time to do side projects like this. As far as Hoeken goes, everything is still in an early stage, in the near future we would certainly like to devote more time and attention to the distribution of these objects. Also for our booth at the Biënnale Interieur in Kortrijk we designed a series of pattern wallpapers, we would like to further develop this project and turn it into a real collection as well.


Text: Carmina Lemoine
Photos: Doorzon 


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